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Community Service  Director


Rick Vosila

Reports (click item)

28 July 2021

Club Assembly 4 August 2021

GoFundMe platform (click)

The Rotary Club of Strathfield has launched an online fundraising campaign on the GoFundMe platform (click) in response to our inability to raise service funds in our usual ways. For further information email: info@strathfieldrotary.org.au

Club Committees


Club Barbecues 

Marvin Manrique-Velasquez, Nick Hamilton-Kane, Allan Teale, Andrew Aravanis, Paul Anton

Spring Festival

Paul Anton

Carols in the Park

Charles Pitt

Probus  and Senior Citizens

 Raymond McCluskie (Chair)

Roger Vince and Janelle Watson

Australian Rotary Health

Paolo Giammarco

Graffiti Removal Project

Roger Vince and Mathew Elias

Community Project

Jaya Challa


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