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Club Service Director 2021-2022

PP Arie Pappas


Club Assembly 4 August (click)


Bulletin Editor

Bradley Ayres  Dimitry Chugg-Palmer

 Club Fellowship/Visitor Welcome

Grahame True

Welfare Officer

Grahame True

Catering Officer

Mathew Ellis


Bradley Ayres


Peter van der Sleeson

Rotary Information, Protocol and Rules

PDG David Croft

Harassment Officer

Chris Haseldine

Risk Management Officer

Joe Saad and Chris Haseldine


Gulian Vaccari

Club Raffles

Trudy Ho and Laya Challa

Electronic Communication

Website (Webmaster  Management) Raymond McCluskie

Social Media (Facebook) J-P Baladi and Raymond McCluskie

Guest speaker presentation setup

Bradley Ayres, Rod McDougall

Club Historian

 Roger Vince

Child Protection Officers

Ed Dunlop and Peter van der Sleeson


Rotary Records

Rod McDougall

Changeover and Annual Report

Thaya Pooniah and Andrew Aravanis


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