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Vocational Service Director report 21 July 2021

 Fellow Rotarians,

I am excited to start writing my first report as the Vocational Service Director. In brief, I plan to keep doing standard Vocational Projects and introduce a couple of new projects. Moreover, current President Thaya Ponniah and I have come up with a plan to introduce a significant project and plan to raise funds as much as possible. I look forward to working closely with Rotarians and our board. I believe we have a significant year ahead with a lot of plans and improvements despite Covid and lockdown situations.

The following are the Vocational Service Projects in my portfolio:

  • Vocational Award;

  • Police Officer of the Year;

  • Anzac Day; and

  • International Women’s Day.

As you know, all events are face-to-face, and the current changing situation does not allow us to plan properly yet. However, our community will be supported and recognized. The first event which is planned and coming soon is the Police Officer award, and we will keep you updated about the date and format of the event as soon as it is finalized. All the other events will be planned later this year adapting to the situation. The International Women’s Day was so successful last year, and many Rotarians and their friends and guests enjoyed it so much. We will continue in the 2021-2022 year.

This is the update from me for this week, and I will keep engaging with our fellow members as much as possible.

Alexey Prokopenko,
Vocational Service Director




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