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ROTARY  Club of Strathfield 2021-2022



David Mutoro

Dr. David Baraza Mutoro’s career can be seen in three parts; Education,Fisheries…and Rotary.

David travelled to complete his education

• Kenya 1980 (A-level/Year 12)
• India 1981-1987 (BSc.& MSc.),Rajasthan and Raipur Universities
• New Zealand Auckland University in PhD (Awarded World bank Scholarship)
• Japan 1999-2002 Kyoto University Post-Doctoral (JSPS Fellowship)

David’s journey is associated with his education, and support from many volunteers along the way. Since 2005 to date, teaches science and numeracy in TAFENSW in a college in the Sutherland Shire.

David joined Rotary in 2008, is a past president of Balmain and Kings Cross Rotary Clubs. He is now an Assistant Governor for Western Harbour Rotary Clubs and was recently, awarded a Paul Harris Fellow by his Kings Cross Rotary Club.

David speaks several languages including Luhya (his tribe), English, Swahili, Hindi, and can understand Japanese.